Friday, April 11, 2008


1) Getting lost on the Spanish Steps
2) Being called bella by a Florentine
3) A surprised airport pick-up
4) Being interrogated in Brussels airport
5) Chasing a Brazilian down Ipanema for my belongings
6) Hearing my shoes click clack against the stone ramp; heading up to the "Castle on a rock" in Edinburgh
7) Belgian chocolate and beer in an Irish pub in Brussels with grandma, and the family on Easter
8) Dad's hugs when he left me at college
9) Origami flower left for me on Valentines day
10) Eating grapes on the boat with Becca, in July
11) Meghann teaching us how to do hand stands under water at Fairy Springs
12) Plays in grandma's basement
13) Easter egg hunt in Virginia
14) "Diamond" hunting with my dad
15) Building a tree fort in the back yard
16) Whip-lash at Hershey Park
17) NYC Central Park wedding buffet
18) Summer dinners on the deck
19) Make-your-own sundaes
20) Snorkeling in Shark's Cove
21) Popcorn and OJ at grandma's
22) Monkey-bar callouses
23) The Boiler Maker
24) Terror of a snake falling on my head
25) Pina Colada in a pineapple
25) Successfully telling someone in Czech that "I have no idea. I don't understand."
26) Learning how to braid hair from my mom.
27) Luring the neighbor's lost cat out of a hole with bologna. for a boat ride
28) The first gift I ever received from Deuce's mom (the first time we met): a hot-pink VS nightgown with a sequins teddy bear on the front of it.
29) The ride home; belly full, mind exhausted, cigarette smoke flooding the car. Speaking only in Italian.
30) Being let out of my room because my brother felt bad for getting me in trouble, and wanted someone to play with. Even after I had probably picked on him horribly.
31) Watching the fire with wrapping paper pieces scattered around the living room; A Christmas Story on TV; red wine in my glass; and dinner on the table.
32) Crying so hard I thought my heart would stop.
33) Laughing so hard my face ached.
34) Water-works show done to Vivaldi's 4 seasons, in Prague.
35) My teal green dress with a red heart button on it that my dad said was his favorite
To be continued...

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