Friday, April 11, 2008

Mighty Life List

Things I'd like to do before I go:
1) Routinely buy flowers for my home and office.
2) Take a helicopter ride.
3) Ride a horse.
4) Adopt a dog.
5) Go to Rio for Carnival
6) Skinny dip in the Pacific
7) Cross the Mexican border
8) Own land
9) Revisit Rome, and while there eat a gelato-filled crepe in Piazza Navona; visit Trevi in the early morning to take photos while no one is there; and picnic in Villa Ada.
10) Help my kids with school projects.
11) Host a kick-ass party
12) Decorate our place
13) Go to a tea party in England
14) Drink whiskey in an Irish bar
15) Take Zilla on a European excursion
16) Live on the West coast
17) Visit Vancouver
18) Aid in natural disaster relief efforts
19) Zipline through a canopy
20) Spa trip with the ladies
21) Visit Tibet
22) Polish up on my Italian
23) Travel to Budapest
24) See Paris in the Spring
25) Shop in a market in Japan
26) Have Christmas at my house
27) Make sushi at home
28) Help someone get through it
29) Sing Karaoke
30) Plant a small garden without being frightened of the snakes.

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