Friday, October 24, 2008

The Reasons Why

I guess it's been a while, eh? No one reads this other than Deuce and I, so, I'm just going to pretend that this isn't available for the whole internet to see as I recall what the hell we've been up to since mid August.

First off, there was the trip to Saipan that Deuce made to come visit me. Actually, it was more like he came to pick me up on the other side of the planet so we could go home. We spent seven glorious days romping around the small island; two days flying around the world back to Boston; and three days falling asleep at 7pm, waking at 5am and completing an entire weekend's worth of errands before noon. That hasn't happened since and won't happen again until we're 70.

The weekend we returned from Saipan one of my college buddies, Gerb, got married to his high school sweet heart, and another college friend, J. They were married in a beautiful Catholic church in Portland, ME. It was a great chance to catch up with good friends, explore Portland for the first time, eat too much food, and do one too many car bombs.

It was an excellent way to end our two week vacation. I felt so refreshed to get back to work and school and then I got back into my old work and school routine and that jolliness - that high from time off- lasted about two weeks. I feel like it was forever ago at this point, and now realize how important it is to take a substantial amount of time off to catch up with yourself and your loved ones and to also explore new places and do some laundry. I'm going to make an effort to take a break like that every year- time and money permitting.

So, we hit the ground running. I've had classes, work, and applications to do. Deuce has been ridiculously busy saving the young and pregnant and almost every weekend we've gone away.

In mid-September, my grandparents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. Wow, we all thought. 50 years is a long time, but for two people who by definition "got along," but in practice perhaps were not always speaking or living together, 50 years is one hell of an achievement. It's an achievement for any couple, and I know we all have our ups and downs, so it was a great opportunity to speak honestly about the joyous and not so fun times they've gone through as a couple and to celebrate the hard work and love they've poured into eachother over the years.

It was also an opportunity for my aunt and grandmother to corner me and my brother's girlfriend to discuss "family traditions" that they'd like to begin. Like, wearing my great grandmother's jewelry on our wedding days. "No pressure, but..."Awkward. Marriage has been a big theme over the last year, and attending weddings has become a part-time job for Deuce and I. We've attended several weddings together in our 2.5 years together and have at least five to go to in the next year. We've got it down to an art.

Since PA, we've gone to NYC to see a friend premiere his documentary at a film festival (which he won!); Deleware for a friend's wedding; and Maryland to visit my sister and father. We've been busy, and blog-wise...uninspired. We were talking intensely about politics and now just want to vote for Christ's sake. We've been celebrating birthdays and apple picking, studying and baking, planning and traveling. It's been great. (I say that, but I've also spent plenty of moments wallowing in my own stressed-out self pitty. This fall has had its moments.)

This weekend it's time to get together with local friends, make some good food, and maybe bake a giant cupcake! In the next few weeks we're heading to upstate NY for Thanksgiving and NYC to celebrate Deuce's mother's bday, which happens to be the same day as mine, Hillary Clinton's and Barack Obama's grandmother. HOLLAH.

We'll chat soon. Peace.