Monday, June 15, 2009

About Paul

Paul, Paolo, "honey," "bubba," "Deuce," Arandia; a man with many names and perhaps a few identities, as well. Your typical superhero. Paul was born in a hospital, that has since turned into a parking lot, in the great state of Delaware. He is the first child of Leon and Ariel Arandia and older brother of Kim. At an early age Paul became fascinated with Michael Jackson, Tasty Cakes, cartoons, comics and Pop culture. It was obvious from the beginning that Paul had an intense curiosity about the world and a knack for solving problems. In 1988, he created the A&S Detective Agency. Later on, his interest in mysteries did not subside, but rather became incorporated in his interest in film; as did kung fu. In the early 90’s, he produced his first movie, in which he also starred, entitled "Chinwa v. Tabatchoy." First screened at 8 Needleleaf Drive Basement Theatre it was a hit, but didn't make it out of the development. A cult classic.

Paul attended New Castle Baptist Academy, where he made dreamy eyes at future Hollywood star and also NCBA graduate, Ryan Phillippe, from across the lunch room. I mean, he kicked his ass on the playground. After winning all of the "You're the Smartest Kid in Class" awards in elementary school, Leon and Ariel decided to send Paul to the small private high school, Tatnall.

Being the new kid in school at Tatnall, Paul had to meet new friends. He soon buddied-up with others that were just as devoted to academic pursuits as he, and not only did they encourage him to be on the debate team and to participate in the Academic Bowl, but they also cheered him on from the sidelines as he ran-in touchdowns, and leaped over hurdles. He was like a brilliant gazelle.

Post graduation, Leon, Ariel, Kim and Paul schlepped his duffle bags, mini fridge, trunk of snacks, sheets, towels and toys a few hours north to Swarthmore College. There, he once again managed to meet a group of great friends who encouraged him to join the Lacrosse team, become a resident assistant, steal a bagel cart, paint his nails black and major in psychology. It was at orientation when Jeffrey Levine made his first impressions on our Paul. Perhaps not from the very start, but soon thereafter, they were like PB and J. Let's be honest, Jeff would be writing this story if rather than being a 5'8" man of great intellectual prowess he was a 5'8" chick who liked ice cream. Four well spent years and a few ups and downs later, Paul graduated and moved to Boston in 2000.

Paul moved into his first apartment in Boston and stayed there for NINE years. The man doesn't like moving. But also didn't have a good reason to, until he decided he would prefer only having one lifelong roommate who would do his laundry. Paul is a very smart guy; an amazing trivia partner. He is also very well-rounded, open-minded, patient, goofy, kind, creative and hilarious. Paul is always fun to be around and he loves helping people, but he also likes to entertain, travel, acquire gadgets, eat ice cream, sing karaoke and interior decorate.

He is currently a clinical social worker at Children's hospital, a slow-pitch softball player, my interior designer, fashion consultant, editor, cook and future husband. I'm a very lucky lady to be a part of his life.