Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Saipan Eats

Thai House: $12 for an ok meal. The owner has two small dogs that are pretty cute, but are sometimes put on the bar top to be adored. A little too close to food and drink for me, but that's the public healther in me. Typical stuff here.

Bobby Cadillacs: Excellent pizza. Has ice cream, and a great deal; if you order 1 large pizza you can get a free medium sized pie with one topping. Even can take a rain check on your medium and come back another time to claim your pie!

Yellow Mango: next door to BC's. GREAT, fresh fruit smoothies and good ice cream. Mango Strawberry is awesome and they blend it well enough that you don't have ice chunks sitting on the bottom of your drink.

Expressions: Excellent cheese and chocolate options. The owner is wonderfully sweet.

Himawari: Best kept secret in Saipan. AWESOME sushi deals, and a bakery. In my heaven, this is one of the food court options.

Len: Great Japanese food. Cool atmosphere. Great rice balls and curry soup.

Big Dipper: Deluxe Sundae for $3.75: two scoops, one syrup and one topping, but comes with a cookie, cherry and whipped cream regardless. Rocky Road and Moose Tracks? Yes, please.

Wild Bills: Great pancakes.

The Veggie Vendor next to 99cent on Middle Road: the nicest people and great produce for dirt cheap! I don't care if my racist landlady says they poop on their produce. Cows? People? We eat meat so maybe it's a little grosser, but that's why you wash it. Haven't gotten sick yet. (knock on wood)

Sushi Land: Good deals on sushi that's not half bad itself.

Hyatt: Sticky bun sauce, meat and sushi!

Fiesta: Cheaper, fresh berries, plain veggies, and cream puffs!

Hamilton's: Sunday night trivia, Monday night $1 sliders, Tuesday night $1 tacos. What else could you ask for?

Saturday morning market: Great corn soup at one vendor. Could cut back on the corn starch a tad, but pretty tasty. Not so tasty? The banana bread with MSG. I prefer if it tasted like my mom's and had chocolate chunks, rather than taste like miso soup.

Thursday night street market: The dudes at the far end, away from Fiesta- awesome yakitori (spicy chicken on a stick is my favorite so far) and apigigi (?)- the cocount. I don't care if they serve "chikn with rices" or if they "take foodstamp," it's good shit. Kasava cake- pretty good; the "Chicken burger," was questionable.

Best deal in town: the CHC cafeteria. Free for me, but cheap as hell for everyone! Good adobo and fresh fruit, and the nicest staff ever!

Yet to try:
360 Restaurant, Palms brunch, Oleai, Coffee Care, and so many more options. People of Saipan, share your favorite places to get (preferably cheap) eats!


The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

Casa Urashima and the Saigon Vietnamese. said...

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Para i familiaku said...

Saipan Eats

Thai House: I agree with you there!
Len: Where is LEN?

Palms Brunch = DELICIOUS

My lunch faves: Mobydick, Moomin, Sushiland, Hyatt Miyako, Cappricciosa, Country House, Coconut Tei, Mom's Round 2, EBISUYA for on the go, etc.