Monday, April 14, 2008

Unforgettable part 2

36) Feta, yogurt with honey, olives, and oil. Blinded by the sun intermittently as the table umbrella flaps with the wind.
37) Playing catch in the yard the day Zilla was born, saying "Schwing" and swaying our hips every time we'd catch the ball.
38) Being the last girl standing during a 5th grade history bee.
39) My Irish grandmother's tomato sauce.
40) Finding my great grandmother's Heineken stash in her shower.
41) Dave Matthews and Tim Reynold's playing the request I shouted out from the 4th row.
42) Making small talk with Jesse Jackson in an elevator in Frankfurt airport.
43) Colonoscopy. Day before Thanksgiving 2004.
44) First time I saw Deuce dance..
45) First time I heard Deuce sing and play the guitar.
46) Crying under my bed the last day of 4th grade because I would miss Mrs. Palmer the next year, and I was assigned to the meanest teacher in 5th grade for homeroom.
47) My little brother, hung-over at MY high school graduation.
48) My first Kathleen Edwards show at Higher Ground in Burlington with Kelly.
49) Following through on my dad's dare to sled off an ice ramp. Flying. Coming straight down on my ass. The air - wind- every breath knocked out of me. Moaning. A neighborhood boy asking if I was going to be ok as my father laughed at the top of the hill.
50) The 1 summer that I wasn't afraid to do back dives off the board.

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