Friday, March 14, 2008

Souping my Melon

I have to thank a friend's younger brother for that phrase. It makes no sense, but it feels so right. It's Friday afternoon and time to blow off a little steam. At the moment, this is what is souping my melon.

1) Links to websites that don't open in their own tab or window.
2) People who have loud cell phone conversations on quiet buses.
3) Wet counter tops and toilet seats. Gross. Warm toilet seats are equally disturbing.
4) Seated people who ignore pregnant women, the injured, and the aged on public transportation.
5) The smell oranges leave on my hands.
6) The nonresponsive. Whether dead or just an asshole, dealing with this always sucks.
7) The unafforadable. But I want it SO BAD!
8) Homework.
9) The hump I'm developing from sitting at a desk all day.
10) People who bitch on the internet. Woops.

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