Monday, March 3, 2008


Some of the blogs that I frequent have decided to post everyday for the entire month of March. The theme to follow is Lists. I am a compulsive list maker. In the diary that I occasionally write in I have graffiti-ed it with lists of recent happenings or thoughts, which are the result of the few minutes of consciousness I have before bed. I'm not going to post lists everyday, but I do have a few things that I have to write down before I forget.
List: Weekend Crazy
1) Sis'mores: My sisters met for the first time on Saturday, and there was confirmation that Dev smells like marshmallows.
2) Straining Odors: The girls in my family have a tendency to seriously misinterpret the lyrics to songs. Usually what we think is sung is much funnier than what is actually sung. Zilla will never be able to live down the day when she threw a little twang into her voice and enthusiastically serenaded us with, "He walked right through that straining odor, and put her in intensive care." Although with the southern drawl it did sound almost right, and I personally hate it every time I pass through a straining odor, the Dixie Chicks meant "restraining order." Funny thing. My aunt has put up a restraining order against a man who entered her home, smashed gifts he had bought her on her basement floor, and left what he could not manage to destroy in a box that read "FREE" at the end of her driveway. We'll take both, Officer- a restraining order and a straining odor. Just in case.
3) Typhoid Mary: My grandmother has not been well. I found out last night that she had not been able to walk for nearly 10 days because of a neck spasm. Not moving is not an option to my grandmother and this has warn on her morale a bit. The fact that she has also had a cold for EIGHT WEEKS that she cannot shake is also something that I have a hard time even typing without feeling my heart bounce off the floor and up into my throat. We suspect it is from my year old cousin who she watches one day a week, but who is then put in day care with other germ crawling petri dishes of nastiness called toddlers, the other 4 days. I just hope that with the help of family members who are not under the age of 10 or over 55, that she gets well soon!
4) Opposite day?: Deuce and I have pretty much decided that we're cool with hanging out together for the rest of our lives, but have yet to make any sudden moves that may disturb the Monstrous Contentous that keeps us in separate homes with separate bank accounts and grocery lists. However, a friend who has always sworn that marriage was as appealing to her as eating dog shit sushi left out over night with some cotton candy ice cream, has just spent the weekend looking for engagement rings with her BF of a year. Happy times, don't get me wrong! I'm pumped for her! However, this friend has also always detested birds and "goo" foods, such as ice cream, pudding, jelly, peanut butter, etc. and given the recent change of heart, I have a feeling now that her wedding doves will be released when they leave the chapel and that there will be a sundae bar waiting for me at the reception!
5) Pan's Labyrinth. Not about Peter Pan.

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