Thursday, February 14, 2008

Je t'aime

To my dearest Double Deuce. Baby, I want you to know on this very special, yet randomly selected, day in February that I love you more than the touching scene of a beautiful and perfect rainbow arching over a rose garden after a rain storm; more than Kate loves Doug; more than the warm fuzzy feeling kittens give you; more than Lars loves nurse Julie; and more than chocolate loves peanut butter. I love this day, and I'm so happy that we get to spend it together. Last year, I know you gave me this adorable print that I don't remember hinting about at all, but this year baby- no hints- I'm just going to tell you what I want. I want Jared. He knows how to please me. He knows my wants and needs, and how to satisfy me in ways I've never experienced. He is a constant reminder that I am a princess. So, baby, sugar, my sweetest please get me this.
Now, I haven't forgotten you. I will be sure to get these shipped express mail so that you can bedeck yourself in them ASAP. So, yeah, that's it sweetie pie. I love you and can't wait for tonight! I'm sure you have something sickly romantic up your sleeve! Mwah!

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